Publish For Gunnar – Creating The New Infinite

GUNNAR Optiks®, the world’s leading creator and manufacturer of computer eyewear, is proud to reveal the INFINITE designed by us, Publish®. This hand-crafted, vintage style frame perfectly blends sophistication and subtlety, and its creation was led by the style aficionados on the Publish team. INFINITE has been forged to perfection through creativity and inspiration with old world steel wire frame materials. It is a true blend of classic design and care, and completely exemplifies our desire to stir your imagination.

The GUNNAR INFINITE designed by Publish comes with patented i-AMP® lens technology which is precision-engineered to eliminate eye strain and block the harmful effects of artificial blue light. It is also being offered with an outdoor sunglass lens. The INFINITE is carefully fashioned with adjustable silicone nose pads, a hand-crafted steel wire frame, and comfortable ultra-slim temples for compatibility with over-the-ear headphones. Thanks to INFINITE’s classic design, it’s the perfect pair for those who take their style seriously while fitting a wide variety of face shapes.


Infinite_Amber_1 Infinite_Sun_1 Infinite_Sun&Amber_2

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