5 Tips for Curating Your Personal Style

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The way you present yourself to the world isn’t about flexing your income or trying to elevate your status for the sake of it. It’s about communicating with those around you without having to utter a single word.

Through clothes, you can show others parts of your personality, your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, and your lifestyle. It’s the most powerful interpersonal tool you have at your disposal...one that can lead you towards people, places, and opportunities that align with your authentic self.

Developing a personal sense of style doesn’t come naturally to all of us, however. So, if you’re looking to tap into the deeper parts of your creative expression and curate a style that best reflects the inner you, check out these five steps:

Step One: Find Your Style Gods.

There are a lot of stylish people in the world, some whose names you may already have in mind. (For example, some fashion icons we admire are Virgil Abloh of Off-White, Donald Glover, and David Beckham). Spend some time thinking about whose style you resonate with most and jot down their names. If not a single fashionable person comes to mind, you’re in luck. The internet is chock full of ‘em. Spend some time on the “Explore Page” on Instagram (using some hashtags relevant to you and your interests) and you’re bound to come across some accounts that have an aesthetic you like. Go ahead and hit that “Follow” button so you can keep the style inspiration coming.

Step Two: Category Round Up.

The thing about personal style is that it often can’t be summed up in one word or type (and, honestly, it’s more fun when it isn’t). There are often several categories or even microtrends that you identify with and want to explore. For example, you could say that you tend to lean towards “streetwear”, but you also like the “indie” look and, on top of that, have a particular interest in minimalist jewelry. All of these things can co-exist. The key is simply knowing yourself and being able to put what you do and don’t like into words.

Step Three: Create a Vision Board.

Using the fashion icons, categories, and trends that come to mind, you can create a vision board. (This could be a digital vision board or a tangible one made of printed pics placed on poster board. We always lean towards the latter). Don’t forget to throw in pics or symbols that represent your hobbies or passions in life (such as playing the guitar, your love for houseplants, or your obsession with the LA Lakers).This will help you bring all the unique parts of yourself to life and better visualize the vibe or energy you want to give off when you create a wardrobe.

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Step Four: Trial and Error.

The best way to know what you do and don’t like is to simply TRY IT ALL. Experiment with neutrals or clunky shoes or differently-sized hats. Got an idea for a fit but aren’t sure if it’ll work out? Throw in on, hit the streets, and see how you feel (and leave the embarrassment at home. Style has no room for it). When you find a look that you like, snap a pic and add it to your vision board so you can rewear it and/or use it for inspiration in the future.

Step Five: Never Stop Tapping In.

Authentic self-expression gets put on hold when you 1) stop seeking inspiration and 2) stop doing the things you love. The more you’re connected with the creativity around you and the things that spark your passion, the more easily you’ll be able to build your personal style in a way that’s authentic to you. Keep doing the sh*t you like and stay curious about avenues you haven’t explored yet. There’s no right or wrong answer. And with that, we leave you with this quote:

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche –