Always Growing, Always Evolving: A Summer Reading List for the Modern Man

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If you’ve existed in any capacity on the internet lately, there’s a high likelihood you’ve come across a piece of media talking about AI (the name “ChatGPT” might ring a bell). And although there are some valid fears surrounding its rapid trajectory and potential negative implications, part of nurturing that growth mindset we love to talk a big game about involves embracing duality in all areas of life. You know, taking the bad with the good. Making lemons out of lemonade. A little yin and yang action, if you will.

Because the reality is this: AI isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it’s only going to become more present in our society. We might as well lean in and embrace it for the tool that it is and, in doing so, improve our lives. From boosting productivity to maximizing your energy output, we’ve rounded up four ways that AI can revolutionize your daily grind. Let’s get to it.

1.  Optimize your schedule.

One of the most game-changing lessons we learn in life is how to work SMARTER not HARDER. Luckily, AI is around to help us do just that. With scheduling tools such as Skippet or, for example, you can optimize your schedule in ways that work for you. These schedule builders can automate appointments, organize your to-do lists, and clear up time for you to invest in healthy habits (such as going on mental health walks or reading before bed).

2.  Grow that bag

Whether you’re saving up for that luxury king size mattress, starting to dabble in investment, or simply trying to develop a basic monthly budget, there are plenty of AI platforms to help you stay on track with your money goals. An app called “Cleo”, for example, takes the stress out of money management by using AI-based tech to create budgets, track your spending, and send you useful money tips when you’re getting off course. Digit, another AI app, gives users recommendations for spending and allows you to invest in various fund categories.

3.  Maximize your time

You don’t have to be an author to need writing skills in your everyday life. Writing is simply a form of communication, and all of us are required to use it one way or another (whether it’s via emails or memo writing or work presentations) on an almost daily basis. Here to help make these tasks easier (and faster) are AI tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, and Anyword. Resources like these can generate personalized messages, provide ideas and inspiration for a project you’re working on, or even develop talking points for when you meet with your boss next week to ask for a raise – all in a matter of seconds.

4.  Make your home homier


Home is where the heart is (and, now, where the AI is). Using smart home technology, you can create seamless systems that are easy to control and make your home a safer, more convenient place to be. For example, there are AI systems that can connect to your smartphone and send you alerts when your locks are being tampered with. Robot vacuums (like the Roomba) can complete automated cleaning tasks with little to no help from you (other than pressing “Go” when you’re ready for it to get moving). There are even AI mirrors that monitor your progress in real time and give you personalized feedback and warnings when a health risk arises. All of these tools, when used intentionally and strategically, make the home experience that much more enjoyable. 

There you have it. See you #Publishers back here next month!