5 Attributes of a Confident Man

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There’s no question about it. You’ve got the style, the job, the house, and the car of a confident man.

...But do you have the mentality to back it up?

In this piece, we explore five essential attributes of the “confident man”, providing insights into what it takes to bring that GOAT energy into every room you step into. Whether you’re looking to improve your personal or professional life, having a grasp of these attributes (and where you stand on the spectrum of each) can serve as a guide on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Let’s get to it.
Confident men are men who have...

1. Self-Awareness.

There are few forces more powerful than a man who knows himself. Their profound understanding of their thoughts, feelings, values, strengths, and weaknesses helps them make better, more well-grounded decisions that help them create more meaningful lives. This skill doesn’t come overnight, however. It takes time, dedication, and a willingness to dig deep. So keep that nose to the grindstone...and maybe invest in a nice, leather journal for self-exploration while you’re at it.

2. A Clear-Cut Vision.

You know that one friend that can never decide on a place to eat? You don’t wanna be that friend. It may sound like a big assumption, but chances are they bring that same level of wishy-washy uncertainty to most other areas of their lives. In fact, they might even appear like they’re stagnant or “coasting” personally or professionally.

A confident man, however, knows what he wants, when he wants it, and has concrete steps in place for how he’s gonna get it. Keeping this vision in mind, he also gifts himself with a source from which to draw constant inspiration during dips or times of burnout. Good, bad, thriving, or trucking along, this kind of man never forgets what he’s working towards.

3. No Fear of “Looking Dumb”.

Confucius said it best: “A man who asks a question is a fool for a moment; the man who does not ask is a fool for life.”

A man who is truly confident in his intelligence and abilities (none of that “fake it ‘till you make it” b.s.) doesn’t concern himself with the prospect of looking “dumb” and sees value in asking for

help from others who may know better than him. Life is a continuous learning process, after all. It’s about time we start acting like it.

4. A grounded nature.

Confident men don’t have to be the loudest in the room. (In fact, it’s usually the loud, obnoxious guy with a knack for interrupting that ends up being the most insecure). They feel assured in what they bring to the table yet still know when it’s appropriate to stay in their lane. They’re humble yet powerful. And everyone can sense it.

5. Trust.

A lot of the time, our insecurities come from a place of fear. Fear that things aren’t gonna work out. Fear that we’re not gonna get the job. Fear that we’re not good enough.

A confident man, however, doesn’t feel this fear because they’ve got one very important thing: TRUST.

They TRUST in themselves and their abilities. They TRUST that their well-informed decisions are going to lead them to where they need to go. They TRUST– in God or the universe or whichever other supreme beings they may believe in – that things are going to work out for the better. The more they believe it, the more it seems to be true. How’s that for manifestation?

At the end of the day, being a confident man isn’t about sporting the perfect wardrobe or driving the latest Audi or having the loudest voice in the room. It’s about knowing who tf you are. Embracing your own skin. And taking ownership of your behavior and decisions. By embodying these five aforementioned attributes, you can build your confidence and step into the most elevated version of yourself, regardless of if it’s at home, at school, or in the workplace. The best part? You can inspire others to do the same.

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