Ta-Ku – Beginning To End

Ta-Ku – Beginning To End

Our good friend Regan Matthew, better known as Ta-Ku, is on the road for a special US Tour and is making a stop in Los Angeles next Tuesday, September 21st.  This is progressive instrumental hip hop at its finest so you’ll want to turn this one up for the weekend. Check out a video for his song ‘Beginning to End’ below. #PublishVibes



Video Credits:
Directed & Edited by Logan Stone
Produced by Nick Silva, Edwin Ruiz, Nato Neri
Associate Produced by Tadeo Garcia, Carlo Garcia, Mike Sanow
Photographed by Logan Stone, Nick Silva
1st AC: Mauricio Ventura
Casting Director: Emy Tres Jolie
Talent: Joanne Lee Paul, Natalia Basaj
Hair and Make-up by Michelle Mink

A Letter From Our CEO

A Letter From Our CEO


(Photo taken on my birthday in 2009, which is the same day Publish was incepted.)

Greetings everyone,

I am Michael Huynh, Founder & Creative Director of Publish. For the long-time supporters, I am so appreciative of you for being apart of my journey with the brand and our endeavors. For those who’ve recently discovered Publish, I am also thankful that you’ve connected with us now, as there is still so much more in store for us.

Publish exists for those who not only work for a living, but who also live for their passions and dreams off the clock. Photographers, writers, musicians, artists; all inching forward to see their work come to fruition, their craft “published.” For me, fashion is my muse and the human body is my canvas. I strive to design the pieces that come together, forming the look of a composed, driven and strong individual; someone who’s making moves, bringing their creations to life, whilst exhibiting their best self, giving meaning to what we call, a “Publisher.” I hope to spark creativity and imagination in the minds of Publishers who share my aspirations by providing versatility in style to create unique looks, exuding confidence in all.


It’s been almost 9 years since the inception of the Publish. When first building the brand, my intentions were to utilize this avenue to express myself creatively without boundaries; to use my own hands and ideas to construct something I could truly take pride in. After watching the growth of my team and the development of the company over the years, I know I am doing just that. All it took was a mere idea of back-packing through South East Asia with a vision and factory visits.

We started out with humble beginnings with about 5 people running the business. We never accepted outside funding, as all investments came from my partner/best friend and I to truly take reigns on our vision. I am still however constantly inspired by those around me and challenged by the industry to always reach further, extending beyond our vision. Since the birth of the company, my team and I have developed the Publish Brand into the Publish Umbrella. We now house five different brands and identities all under one roof with over 60 diligent individuals on the team.


My partner and I continue to live our lives simply to invest into the umbrella as well as our talented team, as we’ve always had. From 5 to 60 team members is undoubtedly amazing growth, however we’re not the huge corporate entity we are often perceived to be. Even I have stepped back into the designer’s seat to make sure we stay deliberate and focused to our roots. We may be a modest sized team, but dedication and loyalty has gotten us this far – we don’t intend to stop.

“Treat people how you want to be treated.” – Michael


With roughly $100k to start, pushing design boundaries, extending our branches in the industry, I am truly are grateful to have such a supportive team. They are open-minded people who are devoted to the brands and the lifestyle it encompasses, respecting each other and understanding what it takes to accomplish the brands’ ideals. We’re the products of a generation whose ambition is fueled by the hunger for freedom of expression and doing things our way. We’re men and women on a mission; to outfit and infect those who share the same driving need to create.

Through the journey of developing Publish, I’ve been very fortunate to able to meet music, sport and fashion icons of this era, such as Kanye, The Weeknd, and Russell Westbrook to name a few. I am even more blessed to have a loud sounding board of industry veterans assisting me through the business as its forever changing.

We’ve also been fortunate to be able to put together projects and collaborations with The Northface, Vans, Timex, Asics, Timberland, Prince, Gunnar, Raised By Wolves, Reebok to name a few. We’re even more excited to show you our upcoming projects! Now… for a small brand like Publish, this is definitely something we’re super ecstatic and grateful about. It goes to show that dedication, perseverance and courage will pay off one day. I only dreamed of having these projects as a kid and for them to come to fruition, makes this journey that much more meaningful. I hope you guys can be inspired by this!

As I continue to venture into new projects, I am thankful to have A$AP Rocky, AWGE and Ben as business partners for Superism. I’ve never revealed this because I’ve always tried to kept our heads down and show success through our hard work. In a world where everyone leverages off of another’s popularity, we’ve done the opposite, kept quiet and provided what we felt was right. Today I am sharing the news with you, as I want you to understand what we’ve been working on. Today, we’re not just a clothing/lifestyle brand, but we’re a wheel-house of hardworking, dedicated individuals challenging our daily struggles with design solutions. As we continue to build and think as creators, there’s no limit to what can be done.


Today we house brands: Superism, FairPlay, Team Cozy, Repelica and BaseMFG.


Never short change yourself. Always invest the time into your passions – every second, minute, hour, every day. Always seek new avenues that add to your experience here as a human and as an artist. At the end of the day, I created the brand to provide a community and canvas for those who dare to Publish themselves.

I invite you to join our cause and go behind the scenes of our work, the photo shoots, the creative steps, all that it takes to make the wheels turn. As much as the brand is for me, and the team, it is also for you, because without your love and support, we simply wouldn’t exist. If you would like to personally reach me, please email – and I’d love to answer some questions you guys may have.

I am excited to have you partake in the next chapter of Publish. Thank you so very much.


Michael Huynh, Founder & CEO – Publish Brand, Inc.


From myself and the team, we want to send you a token of appreciation by giving you a Free U.S Shipping code for our highly anticipated upcoming Fall 2017 season.


(Valid through September 8th, 2017 – For all international, its $20 dollars flat rate)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at !

Get Baked With Mr. Holmes, LA

Get Baked With Mr. Holmes, LA

Founded in 2009, Publish Brand was built on the idea of having a pressing dream, taking the necessary steps toward it, and sharing it with the world. Every person has aspiring dreams, yet every person also needs to make a living. It’s not whether or not someone has the time, it’s whether or not someone has the heart.

We all need to survive this dog-eat-dog world, but the ones that remain standing through the rubble of hardships, are the ones that persevere through daily life and have the heart to continue after hours toward the dream.

Publish is extending their cause and this idea by partnering up with like-minded creatives to get a closer look into how other dream chasers have published their goals, hence the launch of the Publish.ed Program.

The first featured Publishers of this program are the founders of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Established in San Francisco, the company has expanded to two locations in Los Angeles and now in Seoul, Korea.

Like Publish, design and quality are what drives Mr. Holmes to do what they do, serving their dream to the masses. On Saturday, April 7th – 5 PM PST, Publish will be hosting the launch of the Publish.ed Program at the Mr. Holmes location in Highland Park, CA to understand their stories, real struggles, true successes, and the parallels between both brand ideals.

The event will feature giveaways, free drinks, mouth-watering pastries, exclusive, collaboration merchandise and a live panel with both brands’ founders, followed by an open Q&A.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse
111 South Avenue 59
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Saturday, April 7th
Doors open at 5PM PST
Publish.ed panel at 6PM PST

Please RSVP to: